World's first embroidery machine controlled by an app.

Now that's clever!

1. Create your design on the dot Customizer app.

2. Send your design to the Air Artist machine via WiFi and watch as your creation is brought to life.

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Air Artist allows you to embroider wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

It's sew easy to create embroidery patterns for quilts and other unique projects with Air Artist.


Full lettering software with 12 fonts to choose from and 260 built-in designs to get you started.



Create unique, personalised items for yourself or as gifts.


It's sew easy to unleash your inner artist!

Air Artist machine used together with the dot Customizer app includes all the following and more:

  • Full lettering software with 12 fonts to choose from and 260 built-in designs to get you started.

  • Edit your design on screen in different combinations of layouts, letterings and colours - resize, reposition, rotate, and skew your design with automatic recalulation of stitches.


  • Re-order imported stitch designs and edit their elements separately.

  • Preview your design before you stitch - view a simulation of the embroidering process.

  • Embroidery size up to 100 x 100mm.

  • Import embroidery files directly from other apps.

  • Plus many more features!


Get the app and start sewing

dot Customizer is a free application for using with compatible embroidery machines.

With this app, you can create and edit embroidery designs and send them directly to the machine for embroidering. Great embroidery fun for everyone from beginners to experts!

Minimum system requirements:

For Apple devices, compatible with iPhone 6 and above, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 10.0 (64-bit devices) or later.

For Android devices, the size of the screen should be at least 4.7 inches with 200MB free space and support version 4.1 or later.

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Download the dot Customizer app

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